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    Going solar is the best option you can take for your home!

By taking the money you are spending on your current electric bill and redirecting it into the ownership of a cutting edge, stylish solar system

you can quickly and easily update the way your home gets power.  The best part is, once you are done paying for your system you will be enjoying free, clean energy!


  • $0 upfront out of pocket expense.
  • Redirect the money you are already paying out monthly.
  • Take ownership of your electricity.
  • Stop renting power from the electricity company, take control of your costs.
  • Our systems have 25 year warranties and are proven to last 30 to 50 years with ease.
  • Take advantage of state and federal tax credits!


Take the money you are spending on your home’s existing, outdated method of obtaining electricity,  and upgrade now. You can have clean electricity for around, and sometimes less, than you are currently spending now with $0 down.



Why Switch to Solar Energy

The old way of obtaining electricity is by burning fossil fuels. These fuels emit carbon dioxide and other pollutants into the air. You have no control over the price, nor whom you purchase your electricity from, and your prices keep going up. By switching to solar now you can receive the tax credits being offered, and feel confident that, while utility prices continue to increase, your payment will remain constant. You also feel great knowing that your home is powered by renewable “green” energy.


Why Choose Us

What you will get from us is excellence in

  1. Customer service 
  2. Warranties 
  3. Workmanship
  4. Quality of equipment

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